Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Denim Days

Denim Days

Hello there darlings. So there's definitely some new things going on with my blog. I have a new blog url, new style, and new blog layout. Yay for being eccentric! Anyway, since music plays SUCH a huge role in my life I really want to dress true to my music taste. I've honestly never felt MORE like myself, I feel free and like I'm not hiding anything. My whole closet is full of dark color palettes, acid wash, ripped clothing, band merch, and lace. I CANNOT wait to show you guys~~

Anyway, so today I'm layering up. I'm wearing an acid wash dress. I really love the silhouette, high collared with a skater skirt cut. I'm wearing a super fluffy green cardigan. I really love this army green shade, I'm needing more of it in my wardrobe. I'm wearing lace tights with this floral pattern so add some softness. Lastly, I'm wearing a DIY simple black collar and some dark purple velvet creepers.

Collar - DIY
Cardigan - Forever 21

Dress - H&M
Tights - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - H&M


  1. Hello, I just found out your blog, and you turned to be one of my favorite bloggers, you are soooooo beautiful and your style is amazing an inspiration for me! I am your new follower and a fan! :)

    Fashion gets Fierce.

  2. I love this outfit so much, it's totally something I would wear! I can't wait to see what else appears on your blog in the future :)