Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back In Black

Back In Black

Hello friends! Long time no see! Seriously, that was the longest blog hiatus ever. I apologize for my absence, a lot of crazy things happened over the past month. My photographer became ill and had to move to Korea where she can be treated, then my computer got hacked & shut down, so there was literally no way I could blog and I had nothing to blog about anyway. I made this announcement on my Instagram, where later I got a response from this young photographer from my neighborhood who suggested to take my pictures. It was such a perfect solution, she is a year younger than me and literally lives 5 minutes away! We had a short meeting at Starbucks to get to know each other. Then we had our first shoot.

We decided to meet at Mentryville, which is this ghost town in our neighborhood. There's a lot of cool, abandoned artillery and cannons that are all rusted, and some broken down houses. I thought it was perfect for my new look. It was 106 degrees outside, but I was wearing this all black outfit with this leather jacket and braving it out there. It was so incredibly hot that I didn't even feel it, I remember wiping my face and feeling sweat come off like water, but not feeling the heat. I felt it when I got home and realized I was drenched in sweat. But the adrenaline rush of photoshoots got me going!

Anyway, onto the outfit, I swear- this is one of my favorites. I'm wearing this fantastic jacket from Others Follow. I have this weird obsession with leather jackets, so far I own 3. (They're pricy!) But the thing that separates this jacket from the rest is the unique design. I love the sleeves, how they're wool. The collar is so much fun too, you could flip it up like a 50's biker gang member. I'm wearing a basic spaghetti strap top from Forever 21. I'm wearing this lovely skirt from Rare London. I don't know how to describe it, but it's made of all these different textiles and patches. I'm totally crushing on it. I also love the silhouette of it, it just poofs out naturally. I'm wearing these badass tights from Fiore, and my ankle booties to elongate my legs. 

Wow- but also there are definitely some new changes going on! I don't know if you could notice- but my hair is new. See, I don't really know how it happened, but I was looking in the mirror and I realized how much I didn't like myself (the teenage angst gets real guys) so I closed my eyes and just chopped my hair off. The freedom is definitely phenomenal. I got a lot of compliments on it too, people said I was really brave! I've also been investing more into art, it's becoming more of a passion. Art schools are sounding so interesting to me- I think that's what I might wanna do for the future. The whole idea of meeting people at art schools who have the same love as me is amazing. I've also been writing with eyeliner on my neck. (This only happens on a few days) But I've gotten a lot of comments on that, too! People think it's eccentric and my teachers think it's edgy and artsy. It's strange, I thought a lot of adults would look down upon me but they actually look at me with a lot more respect, because my art and music style is coming out physically in my fashion sense. One of my teachers even said that it was refreshing to see someone so creative and different. I'm loving it! Life's good, I hope life's good for you guys as well. Until next time,

xo, E

Jacket - c/o Others Follow
Skirt - c/o Rare London
Tights - c/o Fiore
Booties - Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace & Top - Forever 21

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